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Cirque de Rêves
Where dreams are true
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11th-Apr-2010 09:47 pm - The Circus and the Ringmaster
So, as promised, little tidbits of information about the two things that are fixed in the stories for this project.

Cirque de Rêves
It‘s a circus. Of dreams.
That‘s all you‘ve got of information, make of it whatever you want. :)

The Ringmaster
For the ringmaster I decided to give you the option to chose from two personalities:
He‘s either a loving, fatherly kind of head or the mean, exploiting and much hated character. In all cases he‘s courteous towards the customers, witty and canny. He has seen a lot and knows a lot. He wears colourful clothes and uniforms.
In short: someone who‘s quite superior.

His name be Alan Rey.
11th-Apr-2010 08:44 pm - That Rules Post
Every community needs those, or things will go wrooong…
So here they are, our Rules:

1) The stories take place at the Cirque de Rêves and will feature the ringmaster Alan Rey. Those are what connects the episodes with each other. Apart from that you‘re pretty much free to go where ever you want to go.

2) The stories are as long as they need to be with as many words as the plot needs.

3) Form of submissions. So far I would say prose, poems, drawings and crafts are welcomed.

4) The act of submission. Of course you can post directly to the comm, but you also can post to your journal or another community if the entry is not friend's locked or filtered. This shall be an open community.

5) I advise to get a beta to read over your work and point out mistakes. I know too well that those pesky buggers blatantly hide from the writer‘s eyes. At least, please, proofread before posting. Try to stick to grammar and spelling.

6) Please use tagging. So far I leave it up to you to add to the tag system. What I am thinking of is a system like this: pairing, fandom, original, rating and genre, form of submission
For example, one of my tags might look like this:
[pairing] BellDom, [fandom] Muse, [genre] smut, [genre] slash, [rating] 18+, [prose]
Before adding new tags, please look if there is already an existing tag that fits your needs. I went ahead and added some potential tags already.
Please only add you story‘s name to the tags if you‘re writing a series of over three episodes. It would be helpful if you could link to previous episodes in the header. If you want to find an old one-parted story you'll have to use the tags for pairing or genre. Since I hope that this will be a growing community, having each story tagged will cause the tags list to explode and become confusing.

7) I will have no:
- Flaming. If you don‘t like something, you may say so, I like to think we‘re living in a free country, but stay civil.
- Plagiarism. Inspiration is fine, but don‘t just go and paraphrase or summarise without even asking the original author for permission.

8) Before you post your work under a cut, please take the time to place a header:
(if available) :
(if available) :
Be short and precise (I know it‘s hard…)
Feedback: (specify if you want constructive critique or just general feedback)
Disclaimer: Remind us of what you own and what you don‘t own of your work.
Author‘s Notes: Anything else you want to tell us

For non-written works look at what applies and state what the curious awaits under the cut.

And now we‘re done with the dry stuff, me pwetties. Spread the word, be creative and most importantly: Have fun.
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